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My RS2 looks good on both the ps3 and cable so I do not want to adjust any settings on the PJ. My question is, what is the general consenus on where to adjust settings on the PC. I'm using a 4670 with the latest catalyst drivers. I'll also be using WMP classic home cinema, VLC, and PwerDVD9. Should I be messing with the brightness, gamma, contrast on the catalyst panel, or from within the video players independently. Or is there an independent app that most are using to tweak video settings more accurately. Thanks for any suggestion. Oh and the reason I ask is that I was watching an mkv the other night in VLC and I was getting major black crush and the scene looked dark. My I increase brightness and contrast to the point that might white were not being blown out and I could see details in the shadows, the overall image looked flat. There has to be a better way.


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