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I apologize for being a newbie at the matrix switching, but I have spent hours on teh board here trying to find the answers, and I can't track them down. If there is a thread addressed to the differences and the preferences of which device / style people on this board used, I will be very excited to read it....

I have an electrician here helping me now, so I have to move quickly. I just made the decission to purchase a Video Matrix switcher. I have 6 locations, and easily 8 sources. I think an 8 X 8 would be appropriate, I just can't seem to find a definitive answer on the one that would be best, or the one that most people like....

The AVatrix? The Video-Storm 8X8 component switcher? A key digital solution? NeoThings? Élan? Which one do you like? WHich one? Cat 5, or direct component / HDMI cables?

Here is what I am doing, and what I have:

no run is currently over 75'.

I have an HAI omni pro II installed, so that will play in.

6 security cameras around outside of home - that need to go to each tv location. I have not figured out how to do this yet....

6 tv locations currently planned, but might go to 7 or 8 in the next year or two. all LCD and Plasma tv's.

We currently have two WII's / 2 Xbox 360 elite / 2 PS3's /

We also have a kenwood Entre system with 500 disk DVD / cd player

Kenwood high end reciever that was purchased with the entre system. (VR 5900 or something like that?).

Nuvo Grand Concerto

Ipod wireless doc / Sirius sat. tuner

currently we have two High end Tivo units just ordered today from tivo. I think we are getting rid of the satelite and going to time warner (?)

I have the ability to run cat 5, or direct wire - i just need to make a decission quickly. I also don't understand how the matrix switcher will play with the grand concerto. We have two 5.1 set ups - one in front room, and one in master bedroom. I think I will need two 5.1 audio processors, wont I? But I want ALL equipment to sit in one closet and be distributed from there.

If you have advice / input on a solution and or links to threads that will help, THANK YOU! I have tried to search the forums, and really can not find pertinent information relating to this. Not many seem to have the video storm solution. I am also interested in the neopro, or any other solutint aht will fit, but I dont' want to go over AROUND 3K for the matrix switcher... Help???? Thanks!

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I don't have any direct experience with any of those products so I'm no help
I hear a lot of good things about the video storm and seems to be the most budget friendly. I would make sure to buy something expandable so you don't have to reinvent the wheel if you want to add something later.
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