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In the Pittsburgh PA area (Comcast Analog, no STB/Cable Card) and my Tivo HD is running v11 software. I see occasional stutter when watching hockey and basketball games on Versus, ESPN, FOX Sports Pgh. I am watching the analog broadcasts not HD. There is no pixelation or artifacting in the picture, no audio drop out, just seems like a quick nudge or jump every so often usually as the players move quickly and camera pans. It's just enough to be annoying.

The Tivo HD is connected to an Olevia 232v 32" LCD via HDMI. Cable feed comes directly from the main splitter into the Tivo HD. I do not experience this behavior when the cable is connected directly to the TV so I was thinking it had something to do with how the broadcasts are encoded and how Tivo is decoding these signals. I had the same issue when I had my Media Center 2005 machine connected. After trying different software decoders and settings, I could never get the brief jitter to go away with MCE so I chalked it up to some type of hardware incompatibility. This is what led me to the Tivo HD but now I'm disappointed that I'm seeing the same issue with it. Anything that I could try to fix the problem? Would going to digital cable help at all or is the issue purely with Tivo's decoder?

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