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Hi all,

I have an HTPC with an AMD 3800X2 and an X1800XT and I have owned it for the past 2 years.

I never bothered to check whether a 720p video actually works well and yesterday I checked one and it stuttered. I used Power DVD 7 and 8 and I used Cyberlink codecs. I also tried to use VLC but with no luck.

I also always noted that when I watch SD content on my DVB-T and credits are running in the bottom of the screen they also stutter.

All content stutters for about 1 second then it moves ok for 3 seconds and then restutter for 1 second and goes continously like this.

I also have a Hauppage DVB-T Nova-T and a Skystar DVB-S.

Now I was thinking to change the graphics card to a 4850 one to eliminate this stuttering but I do not want to buy something that actually will not solve my problem.,

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