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Video switch on receiver causing display to be temporarily black and white??

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Hughes DirecTV receiver Video >(S-Video)> A/V receiver >(S-Video)> Hitachi 42" HD plasma

Hughes DirecTV Audio >(optical toslink)> A/V receiver

If changing channels on the the DirecTV Sat. receiver sometimes the color of the image will become black and white for a few seconds, then "pop" back into full color. It *might* only be doing it when changing from digital audio channel to analog audio channel, or vise-versa. He thinks it's due to the receiver because every time you change the channel the audio is "detected" and the playback is changed based on digital audio vs. analog audio. Also it is intermittent, and does not happen every time.

He has tried to send video feed directly from Hughes receiver to plasma and the problem seemed to go away.

Has anyone heard of something like this? Is there anything that can be set on the receiver that will stop this from happening?

Current receiver is Denon 4802, but he's also tried Onkyo 701 and Onkyo 801 in the past and all three receivers have had this problem.
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Bump, no one has seen this before? :(

Did you try new cables?

Sonds like one of those times to run directly from source to plasma.
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