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Been searching around and have quite found an answer to it all yet so I figured I would compile my two questions into one post.

I am getting pretty bad tearing on avi with this setup. I have used both WMC and Boxee and get the same results. Is this to be expected? I do not have SHARK007 loaded because I tried it and I couldn't get MKVs playing well so I switched to CoreAVC which lets me play the crap out of them.

Another question I have is outputting DD and DTS. Can WMC not do it natively with this setup? All of the drivers are updated and I am getting DD and DTS thru Boxee. Thanks a lot! This site is always helpful!

EDIT: While I am asking..Any one have any ideas about fixing handshake issues with this machine?

1600->AVR1910->Tosh 46x645U
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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