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Vidikron CRT.... Can I do it?

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I just acquired a fairly new and mint condition Vidikron IMAGE TWO A with a VP-20 Scaler. I have never dealt in the realm of CRT's calibration. Should I try to setup and converge the projector myself or should I access professional help. I built my theater in my basement and the project took 18 months......but I knew the day would come when I need to make a decision on converging and setting up my CRT.


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I wouldn't cut corners if I were you. When I first started setting up my projectors I thought I had done a good job untill the ISF pro came in. The difference was substantial or should I say in the details.

Good luck

Why not give it a try...there are plenty of people in here with Electrohome projectors (which I believe is what yours is) you will get plenty of help.

I have a friend with an E'home 8500...they are not that hard to set up.
Which Electrohomes make up the Vidikron Image series? I know the Vision series are rebadged Marquees, but which ones are Images?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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