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Hello AVS,


I recently got and old Epson projector which was used (but not services) in a school.


The image quality was beyond worse, because the dust filter was ( and is still) missing.

The result was a very dirty picture and that it was trown away:
Looks nice,right?

I thught it would be an easy job cleaning that thing. The inner fan dust cover over the prism was full and wouldn't let any air through it.

The prism itself was also full of dust and I thought it would be a clever idea to unscrew the LCD panels. What I totally forgot was that I would have to relalign them...


The result is now: a kind of clean projector with disorted LCDs...


I retried to align the panely by hand, and probably found a good way to do so. Instead of using the bulb I used a bright LED to align all LCDs. Didn't work for 100% but better than on the images above.


I found the following:

a service menu which shows the total running time of the projector, lamp changes counter, serial number of the optical unit etc... (holding Menu + Help)

I also found a kind of adjustment overlay with 9 red crosses to probably align the projector to  a wall. (ESC + Menu)

But is there a combination for aligning the panels?


The 2nd problem is, as you probably can see on the second image that the green and red LCD are producing a yellow shadow on bright surfaces.

Is there a way to get rid of it? Is it caused by aging polarisation filters or disorted lenses in the "blue light way" ? I couldn't find a related issue


I know that this unit might not be worth a repair, but I am not the guy who throws electronic away because of problems which can probably be solved


Thanks in advance!
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