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I recently purchased a JVC JR-400s Mark II Receiver and I have done some research on restoring and repairing the unit but I am just not sure if it is worth it. I have seen the prices for repair parts and the capacitors. I have begun the cleaning process as I think that I should at least clean it off if I choose not to repair it.

I have basic soldering skills and know that a lot of that will be involved just to test the capacitors and I don't want to ruin it. The places I have called have quoted me prices that I thought were more than the receiver was worth and so I kind of want to do this myself.

I have pictures the receiver just before I started cleaning. I will be taking new pictures soon. But while Ive been a long time member. I havent posted in a long time, so I can't yet post a link to them on my imgur.
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