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I happened across this ad on my local craigslist. It's not something I'm looking for but it looked unique and I thought maybe there would be someone here interested in what appears to be a collection of vintage projectors.


Large Estate Lot of Projectors. Over 170 projectors and misc items packed in three large shipping crates. $1,495 for the entire lot. The following is a basic list of items. Over 200 photos available.

Conditons vary from pretty bad to pretty good. Selling as is, as one lot only. No individual items sold.

Ampro Premier 20 16 mm

RCA 16 mm MI-1314

B & H Filmosound 16 mm 2585

Natco M-3018 Speaker

Robomatic B& H Slide Proj

Victor 60-10 16 mm

B & H Filmosound Specialist

DeVry Portable Type E 35 mm

B & H Filmo 285

Keystone M8



(I cutoff the list after 10 items to save space here... there are MANY more listed in the craigslist ad. I figured if you read the above an are interested you can pursue it from there.)
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