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Hello...I am trying to finish up a 2-channel system. Right now I have Definitive Technology 2002 TL speakers. I am just about ready to purchase a turntable for my vinyl. My only other music listening will come from my I-Tunes library of music I purchased that is on my Macbook Pro laptop. I do not care about AM/FM radio stuff.

I have been checking out separate amp and pre-amps from Emotiva, and Integrated Amps from Peachtree Nova, Cambridge Audio and NAD.

I understand with some of these potential choices I would have to buy a separate DAC to go along with the amp, while some have decent DAC's built in.

I also have a Vintage Sony STR-V7 150 watt per channel Monster Receiver that is mint and works like the day I bought it.

My question is: Do I need, or should I purchase a new Integrated Amp, or Emotiva separate amp/pre/amp, then buy the DAC, or do you think my Sony is fine and would work just as well if I bought the separate DAC so I can listen to the music from my Mac?

I do not mind spending the money on something new, but if the Sony is just as good, or will do the job and it just comes down to getting that separate DAC so I can get better sound from my lap top, I will put the savings into something else.

Thanks for the help...PS...If I should get something new, any suggestions would be helpful since I am new to this. My budget for an Integrated Amp, or amp/pre amp is about $1500.
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