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My VIP622 has been rebooting. It has happened when trying to access movie streaming, but most often when I change channel to an OTA channel. The channel selected will be a blank screen, the box will reboot and when it comes back, selecting the OTA channel again will continue causing the reboot until I unplug power and plug back in. Then OTA will work for a while. If it's on a OTA channel and working it will usually be ok untill I start changing channels. Sometimes the thing starts responding very slow to any remote commands.
Any thoughts? Overheating?, hard drive failure?, bad capacitors?

Update, Took the cover off. It's not very dusty inside, the fan is running. nothing looks askew. One satellite cable was loose. Tightened it.
The thing has become unusable. Can't receive OTA, cant see all the satellites, can't display any HD channels. What channels it does display break up badly. Can play recorded programs.
Dish will replace it but I'm gonna try to buy an owned one. Have not ruled out a bad cable
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