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Virtual drive or folder?????

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Is there a way to create a container for multiple folders from different drives and give it a drive letter or a folder name that you can share? I've been trying to find a solution to my many harddrives in my server and all the client pcs I have. I've created batch files to map these all to the machines but I'm still dealing with 11 hard drives of different sizes and adding these to importers in Meedio is a pain in the butt. I mess around with my software alot and I would love to be able if things get reconfigured I could just have a media file browser in meedio look at that one "Virtual drive or folder" and I could select what I wanted. This would be great for adding multiple movie folders from different people in the house, combining temp video folders that aren't organized, or just for the 4000+ tv episodes I have. Any ideas?
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  1. On one of your drives create a directory called Media.
  2. Create a new subdirectory under Media for each drive you would like to appear under the share. You can name them DVD, Music, etc.
  3. Run Disk Management under Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management.
  4. Right-click each drive and select 'Change Drive Letter and Paths'.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Browse to the appropriate Media\\??? subdirectory and assign to selected drive.
  7. Repeat for each drive.
  8. Share the Media folder.
Can I mount multiple drives to the same folder? Also how does it work when you delete or add files to these virtual folders? What happens if the drive dies that it's mounted on or if the drive dies that was mounted into a folder? Sorry about all the questions but this is what I was looking into and I couldn't find answers to these. Wish I had a couple spare harddrives to test this on. Thanks for any help you can give me.
I tried the mounting of the drives to folders and it works pretty well. Not exactly what I was looking for but better then before. I was hoping to find some kind of hack that would let me select certain folders and view them as one large folder with the subfolders still intact and then hopefully share this over the network as a standard folder. The problem with just mounting them as folders is that it adds one more layer to everything. I can't just have a tv shows folder with all 10 drives subfolders shown in there.

\\\\server\ v shows\\all shows listed here

It forces me to have each drive mapped into another subfolder.

\\\\server\ v shows\\G:\\battlestar galactica

\\\\server\ v shows\\F:\\my name is earl

Useful but not to the extent I was hoping for.
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