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A few days ago I turned on my TV and it said I got a software update.

After this update I am having a problem with my audio.

I have had my Xbox 360 running in media center mode for TV viewing. I have it connected to the TV via hdmi cable.

This has been working fine until the software update.

I am now getting the audio to lag behind the video by almost 4 seconds. I can get them to sync back up if I change the TV input and then change the TV input back to the xbox.

Everything is in sync again until I change to another TV channel. Then I hear the audio like skip/repeat itself for a few seconds 2 or 3 times then the audio plays and lags behind the video for about 4 seconds. Once again changing the TV input and then back again to the xbox re syncs the audio.

I changed the xbox to a different hdmi input but the result is the same.

I sent this to Visio customer service but haven't heard anything back yet.
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