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I have a VM230XVT 23 Visio Razor. All I get on the picture is a blue screen with 2 wide vertical grey bars just off center of the picture. No sound. When I enter the menu I get a grey box where the menu normally would be so it is trying to send the signal but the LCD screen is only exhibiting the most basic of signal.

I get no change from any setting TV, VCR, USB- etc. The TV has a 12volt power hook up and has a transformer in the plug to get from 110v to the 12vdc. I have been using the TV on my boat and using straight 12v power. My batteries went drained when I left the charger off, could have the low power supply damaged something.

I contacted Visio and it was one week out of warranty so not their problem, sorry about my luck.

What should cause this can I replace the part and how do I trouble shoot?
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