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It is a open box iten. the item page they cleverly deleted only stated that the only damage was on the cupboard box. Any logical person would think this is the most serious damage we could expec,t so it should not be any damage on the tv itself.  Suprisingly, the unshaped metal bezel could lead to possible panel damage and tearing off of plastic bezel, not to mention the scratches on the screen. 




here is what she said:

"Good Afternoon,

According to our records you purchased our Open Box unit of the TCP50ST60. These products come “as is” which is why they are displayed on our website as an Open Box item which is not brand new. It was tested by our warehouse since it was a service return due to slight cosmetic damage.

If the television does not suite your needs then you may definitely send it back to us here in BC for a refund. Since we filled the order correctly by shipping our Open Box item that was on your customer invoice then the customer bears the cost of shipping for the television to come back to us. You may use any courier company, but we tend to use Purolator for large TV’s. The shipping charge will be quite costly, therefore I suggest to contact a few courier companies to get the best price available."

Any suggestion on what action should I take next?

The worst situation I would consider is I got to keep this piece of crap. Will the damage on this tv lead to any serious issue such as tore off bezel or failure? BTW, the picture quality is perfect at this point and i love it
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