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Originally Posted by mpgxsvcd /forum/post/14167274

VisionTek 4870 at Best Buy online! Who will take the plunge?


For a pure HTPC, no chance. Despite the specs, power requirements, heat output and EDID problems make it less than ideal.

Consider waiting for the 790G chipset if you must have ATI and want MLPCM over HDMI or Intel G45 if you're open minded. NVIDIA 8200/8300 boards must also be considered. All three would be more suited to a quite yet capable HTPC.

If you want casual gaming plus decent HTPC credentials then Hybrid SLI could well be the ideal platform.

If there's a driver fix for the problems and a 46xx model with less power requirements then it would be a contender in mid/ large sized HPC systems.


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HD 4850 and HD 4870 are the same graphics core. Video playback and audio are exactly identical. The only differences are:

- Core clock: 625MHz vs. 750MHz (20% increase)

- Memory: GDDR3 512MB 993MHz vs. GDDR5 512MB 900MHz (81% increase)

- TDP: 110W vs 160W

So HD 4870 is only for enthusiast gamers.
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