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OK, so everyone knows by now that Microsoft changed the way Vista handles sound, so most cards that were capable of doing multichannel sound in games, now can't in Vista.

From my understanding you can still get multi channel sound in Vista with creative X-Fi cards and special drivers, but those drivers dont enable hw accel and multi channel sound for every game correct?

Right now I am looking to upgrade my soundcard in my main Vista HTPC so I can do multi Channel HW accel audio in games, and if possible use somehting like DD Live or whatever it is to put it out through optical or coaxial spdif.

I mostly use my HTPC for TV viewing and movies but slowly have started playing more and more games again, I kinda fell out of the loop for a long time so let the gaming side of my HTPC slip up. So obviously I want to still pass the DD and DTS tracs to my reciever for movies and HDTV content, and then get nice multi channel sound to my receiver for games.

I'm not looking to spend a fortune though.... I'm sure my speakers wouldn't be "audiophile" quality anyway lol

So, suggestions, reccomendations?
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