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Vista Live TV Beta

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I have an Hp Media Center Computer. I like it, but it is hardly the computer I origionally bought, I have upgraded so much!

ANyway, I added Vista to it a while ago, and I noticed this Live TV (beta) thing. I keep playing with it, but I can never watch anything! I tried to watch the Velvet Revolver concerts- I get the swirling circle for a while, then it tells me "This Video Not Available" or something. I have tried som Bio and History Channel shows- nada.

I WAS able to watch one thing the other day- Bill Gates keynote at CES (Big whoop!).

So, am I screwed up, or is the Beta? Is there anything I can do to make this work?

(I have a wifi connection now, and it is pretty good. I am laying cables today, so I should be hard wired by tonight)
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well, that's happened to me a couple times, but generally I can watch pretty much any video on there I want to pull up. Not sure what the issue could be, but hey I guess that's why it's a beta
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I've hit the service about a dozen times and I think their have been two of those times where either the service was completely unavailable or it was spotty.

So yeah, it's a beta. But there's some decent content there.

ffwd/rwd doesn't really work for me but the 30 second skip fwd/replay functionality works as a pretty good substitute.
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