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I have Vista Home Premium SP2 and set it up for the first time yesterday using an HDHomerum for live tv and DVR. However, there seems to be a problem with streaming of online video with the built-in web services.

From what I have read online, since March 2009, there was supposed to be a channel called "Sports," but I don't have it. All I have is a tile that is supposed to link to Queensbury Fight Network, but it doesn't work. It says "Invalid application. Unable to launch." http://thedigitallifestyle.com/cs/TD...s-channel.aspx

I don't have any of that and I am in the US and I have run all the Windows updates. QFN is supposed to be a subcategory under "Sports" I think I have bad links and it isn't updating for some reason. I don't have MSNBC either. All I have under "News and Sports" is QFN and FOX. There are only 7 channels combined for all categories. How can this be fixed/updated?
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