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Vista RAID Drivers

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I have an older Abit MB (IT7) that has built in HPT74 RAID controller, made by

Highpoint I believe. I searched for drivers but have been unsuccessful. Do

drivers exist for this controller. If not, any ideas as to how I can install

Vista on this PC.

I'm currently running MCE2005 without any difficulty.

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Apparently HP doesn't support that controller anymore
but the good news is their RR454 card use's the HPT374 Controller .
Users reported no problems with Vista Home Premium. Driver ver is 3.06 on their site under Microsoft Windows Vista Device Driver Download, also you might want to go to Abit and see if there is a new bios for your motherboard.

But first try the v3.06's first before you decide to flash because if it works your probably better off leaving it alone...

Regards, nimo/smurfer
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Thanks nimo, I just grabbed them. Any idea if they work the Ultimate version?

Originally Posted by mskreis /forum/post/0

Thanks nimo, I just grabbed them. Any idea if they work the Ultimate version?

I see no reason why they wouldn't, if anything better driver support in VU imo. I don't know if your familiar with the F6 install with Vista but you gotta look in the left cornor when going through the prompts. When they finally released the raid drivers for the sata drives I easily missed the F6 menu while going through the prompts. I don't remember but I think there is an advanced clickable link to expand the drop down menu to get into the F6 driver install. For Vista I used Nero to burn F6 drivers to a bootable DVD and just let the XBox add on install the OS.

But you may get lucky because with the 20,000,00 drivers they put in there it might just see it. Some people didn't have to do anything for raid setups it just depneds on your mobo and luck of the draw. Me I'm never that lucky everything has to be manually done using my 939 DFI mobo.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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