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Vista Room Correction: Unable to detect the playing file. Please restart Media center

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I am trying to setup room correction. When I try to set up speakers in Vista Media Center, I constantly get the following error though I can hear the test sounds.

Can someone please help?
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Hmm, you haven't removed your Windows sound files to ensure that your system will not play any system sounds that you dont want?

I would guess that you actually are missing the audio file Vista is using to play the test sound. Not sure why you should miss it dough...

I just run the test here, and it worked flawlessly, so it seems to be something with your setup/installation.

I'm running Vista Ultimate.

Have you tested to configure your sound card to check if those sounds are working?

Access Control Panel, search for "sound" and "Change soundcard settings", or something simular, I'm running norwegian UI so I'm not sure about the names.

By using the Configure button or Properties button you should find some sound test options.

As far as I have been able to figure out, Media Center will use the device you set as default here, so then you might be home free without having to run the sound setup in media center, but you have to confirm this yourself.
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I am able to hear the test sound clips during the speaker setup and also from the sound configuration in the control panel.

Could do please do me a favour? Could you run this test without a microphone and see if Vista throws up this error. I am suspecting that if the sounds that are being played during the speaker setup are not picked up by the microphone it might throw up the error.

Could some one please confim this?
Do you happen to have the commercial skip plug-in installed?

I get this error regularly and notice that commercial skip stops working... oddly enough I'm seeing this on my Xbox 360 connecting to my Vista Ultimate system playing back shows.

Just my $.02 on what's been a problem I just simply click OK on and hope that the commercial skip will work... or won't.
I do have Commercial Skip installed but DVRMSToolbox itself works fine and I do not have any problems with the playback of shows. Even playback with Xbox 360 is fine.
i've just started to get this same message, i do have dvr-ms tool box installed, and it does it when useing my 360. the only other plugins i have installed are mce weather and MY movies, but My movies has had no problems up to now??
I am still having this problem. I have tried with many different microphones.

Can somebody please give me some possible solutions other than reinstalling Vista?
BTW, can I use the microphone that came with my receiver (Marantz SR-7001) for Vista Room Correction?
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