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Here is my problem.

I bought a onkyo home theater in march and was not impressed after great product reviews from others. I thought my receiver was not powerful enough since it was not as loud as I desired.

Soon after that I traced it to a problem with windows vista.

I fixed the problem somehow. I don't even know how.

Its been working great since, until today.

I had to do a full recovery due to a lightening storm corrupting my hard drives.

Now I am back to my same problem. I used to be able to watch movies on 35-45 setting when it was working correct...45 being loud/perfect. Now I have to crank the receiver to 70 to get it loud.

Windows is set to max in the bar.

I tried multi channel set to 7.1 analog in windows.

I tried digital out via HDMI (only allows setting to stereo for some reason)

same results.

I have updated windows and my sound drivers.

Any help would be very appreciated

vista ultimate

p5q deluxe mobo

q6600 chip

2 gb reaper ram

2 sata raid WD drives

Soundmax integrated sound.

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In your audio control settings, check to see what your 'Wave' volume is set to. This setting can sometimes be very low, so even if you crank up the main volume, it won't play very loudly. It's somewhere in the advanced audio control settings.
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