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Watching videos on vevo.com has become my new hobby. I love it! if anyone hasn't tried it go to vevo.com and check it out. I believe it's hosted by youtube but the player is bigger and the audio and video quality are better.

It feels a little like a simplified version of youtube BUT it has the big advantage of including ONLY official versions of artists videos, no cats playing piano, no bootlegged versions, no slide shows with background music. When you finish watching a video there are suggestions just like in youtube, except you can be sure the next video is also a high quality professional video, not a user-generated "related" video. This makes continuous playing a lot more enjoyable.

There are also playlists by artist and genre, etc. which are very nice to use, it's like a MTV top 10 or 100 on demand and free!!

Playing both on my HTPC and desktop PC is great. On the HT it sounds really decent, close to CD quality, I think the onkyo does a really good job of distributing the stereo sound to 5.1. On the PC is great for background music.

I think the record companies realized this time around they would rather join them than keep on trying to defeat them. I hope this little experiment of theirs thrives. As long as they keep it as commercial free as it is now (only an ad one in a while), they can count on me visiting often.

Not all is good though, occasionally playing can be choppy. My internet connection is 15mps and I check my computers well, so I think it's their problem. Or it could be time warner cable chocking on the traffic. Not a big deal as it has happened only a couple of times in several weeks.

For now at least, it is a great choice and I really enjoy using it. Has anyone else tried it? What do you think of it?


PS: "Viva" in Spanish loosely translates as "Long live", if anyone cares to know.

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I too have wantched VEVO on my home computer and my smart phone.

I recenly saw where I can watch VEVO videos through my ROKU.

What I liked about that was there were no commercials.

I do wonder about the quality of the video and audio delivered to ROKU from VEVO.

It's not bad, mind you, but I wonder just how good it is.

Anyways, my one big gripe is that I think it's innane to to even have videos of Marilyn Manson that have the dirty words edited out. It's like listening to over-the-air radio versions.... I'm well over 21 and can handle a four letter word, if it's used artistically and not gratutiously...

Some VEVO vidoes are listed as Explicit, and the words are not bleeped out (there's not really a bleep... just silence where the dirty word is, on on the non-explicit videos....).

Anyways, it's nice to see the VEVO videos, without commercials on ROKU, on my big screen TV.
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