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Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to projectors in general and I just want something cheap / decent quality, I've done some research and the qumi seems like a pretty good deal (as long as I don't get a defective item).. I'm just going to be using this projector in my apartment (might take it places but thats not really a must or anything), and I don't mind having to turn all the lights off, so Lumens aren't really a factor.. I'm simply looking for CHEAP (around 400$) and quality (720p +). Qumi seems to fit those creds fairly easily, the only thing that worries me is the focus issues i've seen, but I suppose thats a risk you gotta take with this kinda tech..

OH, another thing I find attractive about the qumi is that I won't have to replace any bulbs / worry about leaving it on too much.. my friend was going to sell me his old optoma hd70, but it had small cracks in it(projected fine) and who knows how old that bulb is (don't wanna spend an extra 150 is that thing ****s the bed)..

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