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[Updated]Vizio 602i-B3 - Drop Off in Niagara Area?


Looking to get $900, read first:

I bought this TV 2014 Summer from Sam's Club in the US, and I am from Toronto Canada. It looks/works great, and has been in basement so barely used. After doing a bit of research I noticed it has a few darks spots here and there and the edges are darker, so there is a manufactures defect. I would prefer to sell it to someone and buy one in Canada so I dont have warranty issues in the future.

I talked to Vizio, sent them pictures and have approved a replacement. However they replacement can only be done in the US and I am in Canada!

If you are interested, I can make the appointment with Vizio for a day when I will be in the US with the TV. We can meet up around the time the Vizio guys would be coming, upon exchanging TV you can take the newly replaced TV. That way you can see everything is ok and that it is infact a new TV and confirm that it is legitimate.

Here is a link to the post I made about the problem with a picture: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/166-l...bx-series-owners-thread-106.html#post31360593

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