Amazon's Alexa is a very talented voice assistant. Thanks to its "skills" it is able to control a wide variety of connected devices using far-field voice recognition technology. Today Vizio has announced the Vizio SmartCast skill for Amazon Alexa, which brings voice control capability to  2016 and 2017 P-series , M-series and E-series 4K UHD displays.

The new skill allows you to incrementally control the volume plus channel and input selection using any of the following:   Echo , Echo Dot , Amazon Tap , Echo Show , Echo Spot and other Alexa-enabled devices. Furthermore, you can turn the display on and off with voice commands, as well as control playback functions including fast forward, rewind and pause—depending on the app.

"Vizio SmartCast is an industry leader with voice control and mobile device integration, in addition to a traditional remote and SmartCast TV interface," said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, Vizio. "With the introduction of the Vizio SmartCast skill for Alexa, we're excited to expand voice controls, giving users with Alexa-enabled products a convenient way to control key features on their Vizio SmartCast TVs and displays."

This new capability is available now, so if you have a compatible Vizio display and an Amazon Alexa-enabled device then why not give it a shot! Of course, Vizio owners will continue to be able to control their displays with a remote or with the SmartCast app. Anyhow, if you do implement Alexa on your Vizio and have a spare moment, please leave a comment about what it's like to control your viewing experience with voice alone.