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Hi all,

So, I bought a Vizio E320i-A2 32" TV for the bedroom over Christmas so I could watch Netflix in there. Nice picture, mounts on the wall easy.

I was excited to find that I could stream media to the thing using the Universal Media Server on my PC or even stream media from my iPhone via iMediashare!! It was a little finicky at first playing certain video files. Certain codecs would work and others wouldn't... and the interface is sluggish and clunky... annoying but not a huge deal.

But, just the past week or so, the TV started crashing whenever I even try to browse media files with it. I thought it was my server software, so I've tried different ones with no luck. I've done a factory reset on the thing with the same results. So, I think something is hosed in the firmware.

I'm about to get on the horn with Vizio's tech support to see what can be done... but thought I'd check in here to see if anyone else is running into the same problems.

Anyone else have a crashing Vizio?
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