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I’m not a videophile so take the following for what it’s worth. This set replaced a 37” Vizio 1080P, 60 Hz set that went south after about 3-4 years.

Overall picture – way too pumped up with default settings but greatly improved after I cranked down color and a few others. Much improved detail. Talking heads on the news can no longer hide their scars and wrinkles. Two “phenomena” that I immediately noticed; (1) the color washes out if the set is viewed more than approximately 30 degrees off center. This is something that I never observed with the previous Vizio or any other set I’ve viewed (2) The Closed Caption box causes the brightness to pump up when it appears. This does NOT happen on every source. I noticed it mostly when watching “Mud” on Netflix, where the CC box would appear each time a line of dialogue was spoken. On other sources (e.g. antenna during a newscasts) when the CC box remains on, I did not notice this.

It would be nice if you could selectively shut out unused inputs, as I frequently shuffle through antenna (for local channels in HD) and composite inputs (DirecTV) for other programming (plus HDMI for Blu-ray).

Does anyone know if any of Vizio’s QWERTY keypad remotes are compatible w/ this set?

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