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I Sent the letter below to Dell and am waiting for responce:

I just received my new Vizio 42" LCD TV from Dell Small business 4 days ago, since then my life has been surrounded or consumed with getting it set up. Let me explain as far as the initial set up it was a piece of cake, picture was except able but the sound .... Well that is another story.... Lip sync or lack of... It will give me a headache if I try to watch it, It is just not acceptable..... I have been on the phone with Vizio and they tried to help. A side note: The support personal at Vizio were very professional and spoke great English and were in fact in the US, they gave me their badge # at the start of the conversation and were very polite and escalated me right up the chain of command till I was at level 2, we did all the resets changes that could be made and even went through a firmware update. NO HELP, if anything it is worse. I have two other TV's one HD 60" and a 27" and I have no problems with lip sync with either one and have changed back and forth several times in the last 4 days using the same cable box connections and hardware. So I can rule out the Verizon cable network. Vizio had me run all the tests as stated.

Vizio said that that model I bought E421VA has been known to have that problem in some area markets and he could not explain it any further, he suggested that since I had had the TV for only 3 days at that point that I return it to Dell Small business and get a replacement model M420VT about the same money but Vizio had added a feature of being able to adjust lip sync and that would solve the problem he apologized to me for the problem but was reassuring that the swap would solve the problem.

NOW I want to be clear that I had no chip on my shoulder (so to speak) when I called Dell small business yesterday and armed with Vizios recommendations and real names and date and time that I was in contact with Vizio and the results. I Called Dell Customer service !! What a surprise and a huge let down I was on the phone (mostly on hold for over THREE HOURS!! and got transfered 9 times and disconnected 2 times and had to start over I asked over and over for a direct # to call and the only number given to me was 800-456-3355 and at that # after lengthy waits I was told repeatedly I called the wrong # and would be redirected and I would ask for the correct # to call and would be given the same # I just called.......................... I had to explain what I wanted over and over and over... and get this I spoke with 9 different people and some times I could hear dozens of conversations all the calls were answered by foreign speaking people I have no problem with that but their was a language barrier that compounded...... here is the list of who I spoke to at DELL SUPPORT, and the spelling is exactly what they gave me because I write everything down and would get their Name and spelling before I would give them what I was calling about here it is 1. INY 2. BRN (pronounced Brown) 3. Carl 4. Kit 5. Ray 6. Amit 7. Cam (pronounced SAM) 8. Phil And number 9 Victor I was disconnected twice and the cherry on my whipped cream experience was Mr. Victor after I was transfered to him by Phil; who assured me I was in the right call center and another long wait Mr. Victor after hearing about half my problem said (THIS WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF) he said Quote "I AM OFF THE CLOCK IN 5 MIN" and I asked him since I had been on the phone for three hours if he could at least give me a phone # I could call back tomorrow and was cut off in mid sentence.

This is the worst customer support I have ever had happen to me ever!!!

I am 63 years and have been in business for myself most of my life dealing directly with the public good and bad, and had any of my employees EVER talked to one of my customers like the way I was treated they would have been looking for a job.

Is this how Dell handles their Customers???

Do they do this so most will get frustrated and give up????

How could I have gotten 9 different people in customer support that were so disconnected to customer service???

And most important What do you think I should do???

I record all my phone calls and informed all that I do that for customer service so I do have records of all I stated.......!!!!!!!!!!!

The moderator will probably want to trash this but I hope not as I want to help with this problem as I can not be the only one.....

It's funny that I could have gone to any of the Big Box stores and got the same product at the same price but I wanted to save some time (MY Time is My Money)

so I ordered on line form Dell Small Business.

The big box stores have a no questions asked return or upgrade replacement NO HASSLES.

What was I thinking???

I hope a copy of this letter gets to someone in charge of customer service who truly cares and wants to make the company stronger and better BECAUSE THE CUSTOMERS ARE THE BUSINESS!!!!


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MY Vizio has a lip-sync adjustment which I set only once when I first got the TV and I have had very few lip sync problems since with content from cable STB.. The most severe lip-sync problem I still have is with the HD local news broadcast from one network. Their audio and video are oft4en out of sync when the show a SD news clip from another news channel but are in-synce when the news is from their own studio. There are no TVs that can dynamically change their audio-video synce casuses by sync problems within an individual program.

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Originally Posted by GTGeorge /forum/post/20266682

Anybody got a comment or suggestion?


#1 Make a You Tube video and post your rant there, or

#2 get a Facebook page and post your rant there.

#3 and, Don't buy your AV equipment from Dell. Computers yes, AV no.
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