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Bought one of these at Best Buy recently based on CNET reviews. Happy with it for the most part but there are a few annoyances and I'm considering exchanging it, but not sure if it's worth the hassle. So, I know the new 2014 E's are out, but it didn't seem that they had these at Best Buy. I wanted to purchase with my BB account so I could take advantage of interest-free payments.

So, here's my dilemma. The picture quality is very good but it does have some lighting issues. The corners are noticeably more dim than the rest of the display (think vignetting), and on solid or light colored panning scenes (typically in video games or other menus), there is some noticeable blotchiness from uneven backlighting. Not horrible and most people probably wouldn't be bothered by it, but it's enough to bug me as I use the set for gaming quite a bit. Other than the lighting issues I really like the PQ on this set though.

I have to admit I"m a bit confused about this particular set as well. The box it came in (and CNET review) indicate it is full-array backlit, but I see a lot of people referring to the 2013 E-series as edge-lit. Also, in looking at AVS threads and the CNET review, some of my menu choices are COMPLETELY different from what everyone else seems to have. I also seem to have a different firmware version than everyone else (mine shows 1.xx.xx.xxxx) and after almost two weeks connected to ethernet and wifi ( I tried both) it's not updating. The local dimming was NOT impressive at all, and from the CNET review that was greatly improved after a firmware update, so I don't know if I just lucked out and got a very early E series that was hiding in the back or if I got a last-of-the-line special with some mish-mash of parts/software or what...

At any rate, I've only got a few days left to return/exchange the set. I wanted to get input from other people who own this set and see if the slight blotchiness and darkened corners were normal for this set. Also, if there's any chance someone might know when Best Buy might get the 2014 E series. I don't feel like playing roulette with this thing.... if they are known for having these types of issues I'll just keep it or return it and hold out for BB to get the 2014's... I don't have the time to try to exchange several different sets looking for one that is better off.

Any input would be appreciated!

Got a few pics, though they make it look a little worse than it is:

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