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Tried searching AVSForum and came up with nothing.

Year old Vizio E500AI-A1. OTA tuner reception was shaky at best new. No cable; OTA only. Antenna coax female ripped out of 705TXDSM034 board during recent move. Tried reconnecting and re micro soldering horrible cheap connection back to micro board. No luck and Ive got jewelers glasses and tools. Not really interested in a replacement board as new ones from Vizio are impossible to obtain.

Looking for better than the stock tuner board sensitivity and reception in a external HDMI connected unit, especially for PBS stations 12.1 thru 36.3. All I run into here is discussions for cheap crappy units with less that average reception and quality, and i do not need or want a DVR. Tuner only.

-Not OTA antenna issues. Use Grey-Hoverman design with pure 14 gauge copper. My HD antenna mounted high up are fine.
-Not a warranty issue as not interested in Vizio version of "replacement" service hassles. Can do all the work myself.
-Not a firmware issue as the firmware is fine and will NOT connect TV to the internet for any reason.

Suggestions for a simple, excellent external tuner?

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