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I can pick up the Vizio for 698.00 and debating between it and a Sharp LC-50LE442U for 499.00.

I can find more reviews on the Vizio at Amazon and almost nothing on the Sharp anywhere.

The Vizio has Netflix and Amazon, which is a plus. The sharp I would need to get a Roku for, which is another hundred bucks to the cost.

Other obvious difference is the screen size. 3D is not much of a big deal for me as the TV in my man cave is my 3D movie watching machine. Either of these two would be going in the living room above the mantle.

I understand the vizio will take time to turn on once you push the button. That seem to be the norm as the Vizio in my bedroom is the same way.

What do you think of the quality of workmanship either? Is the low end sharp really any better than a vizio?

My hesitation on the Sharp is a new model being discontinued already.

Thanks for reading.

Da Bears
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