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Two tuner related questions for Vizio TV,s (specifically the E390-A1, but given their menus haven''t changed much, I'm assuming this might apply to many others);

1. Anyone that has an antenna connected, in System Info page, at the bottom there are four entries concerning the tuner. Lock, Signal, VCT count & SLD count. None seem to change no matter what station or reception condition exists. It always shows 'Locked' and signal at '100'. The last two are always blank.

This seems to tell me none are enabled.

2. If you are watching a station that is 'on the cliff' and you start to loose signal (breakup), if you are in the menu at the time or are trying to enter the menu the menu, the menu locks up. You cant navigate or exit the menu. You can't even change channels or inputs until either the condition improves or the menu times out. I have found this anything the condition happens. Any other time there is no issue. Also, it is not remote related, The function buttons on the side don't respond either.

I asked Vizio and of course they never heard of this. I also asked about the mostly blank entries under System Info not showing anything, but she didn't have an answer other than those last two had to do with the tuner. I know most probably have the "I" version, but that shouldn't matter either.
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