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Im going to best buy today and looking at either the 55"/60" F6300 series or the Vizio M series

Being a former videophile, Ive always gone Plasma in the past (as well as RP due to being inexpensive for what you get overall)

anyways, I havent been in the game (so to speak) so Im not sure which of the TVs listed above offer the best PQ. Both sets have decent features (like wifi, smart tv). The thing is, I dont want to judge the PQ based on in store showings (and they wont allow me to test it my own way, stupid best buy)

Is there anything i should know about PQ? Any uniformity issues that are a serious (or annoying) concern? This TV will be in the basement and will be used for just about everything (70% will be tv watching via DTV). Video that pops is important but a fake looking pop (via high contract, saturation and high sharpness, aka dynamic modes) is something I dont want. I want to be able to get a slight pop to the PQ, while still maintaining relative accuracy in color representation. Can this set do this? Also, like most sets, this will most likely have a fake way of interpolating frames, (aka motion flow or whatever its called), can this feature be turned off? How advanced can I get with adjusting the settings in this (without using a machine)?

sorry for the long post

Thanks Ya'll
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