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Hello all, new here. A few relatives of mine are on these forums and told me this was the place to go to figure out what TV to purchase, so, here I am!

Right now I have a 32" Olevia 232V 720p TV that I use as a Computer Monitor primarily, but also to watch standard cable and play my PS3.

In light of some games coming out soon, I'd like to be able to play in 1920x1080 resolution, so I am looking at getting a 1080p TV to replace the Olevia.

Originally, I was looking at an Insignia 37" LCD and a Dynex 40" LCD both priced the same, but then I found the Vizio 32" LED-LCD's and feel that is the route I'd like to go.

I've compared the specs between the M320NV and the M320VT but as a newbie, not sure really which is a better buy. (They are both priced the same at W-M). NV has a higher contrast ratio and quicker refresh rate, but 16.x million colors compared to the VT's 1.xx Billion colors.

I also do not know which would be considered a newer model. (If one is more reliable than the other)

Just wondering if there are any owners, or people knowledgeable with these TV's on these forums who can kinda point me in the right direction. The important thing is definitely to have a nice crisp TV that works great as a monitor.


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