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Hey all! I've been a lurker around here for a while and being that I made a few significant home theater purchases recently I thought I would finally join the conversation. I've been having a couple issues with my new-ish M321i-A2. As hard as it is to believe, they have nothing to do with the Vizio remote - mostly because I bought the display open-box and it didn't come with the original ;)

I got the panel for an outrageous deal so naturally I was impressed with the picture quality when I first tried it out. The first few days I had it were normal. I didn't have it mounted yet so it sat propped up against my wall atop my dresser. I purchased a low-end Harmony remote just to get by until I can get something more permanent in place and for the most part everything works fine.

The TV will power on with either the Watch TV or normal power button. It's when I try to power the display off that I become frustrated :mad:

The thing won't stay powered off! No matter what I try (both remote and TV power button, CEC disabled, switched inputs before powering off, power cycled, factory reset, tried with "auto off" on/off, etc.) the TV refuses to stay off. Most of the time it will power off and immediately power back on in a span of about three seconds, where as other times I can get it to stay off for a half hour or more (the length of time usually varies widely and I can't ever predict when it will power on again).

I'm at a loss here gents :( The TV hangs in my room and I'm not about that back light in my face while I'm trying to sleep. Auto-off generally yields the same results. Any suggestions or insight is/are much appreciated! Thanks again!
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