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Okay, so I just purchased a Vizio M470NV Razor LED TV. Pretty impressed with the TV thus far, but given my other HD TV's this one is crazy with the ammount of settings that are in it and i'm not sure where to start/what right off the batt shouldent even be turned on.

I am one of those people who never seems to be happy with how there TV looks, like theres always something you can do to make it just look "that much better" maybe its my lack of having a Higher end TV or just being to unsure about what it should be

Does anyone have this tv, or even the 55" model that might have some basic settings/tips to get started off? For some reason to me the Movie mode seems a little to washed out, and I know a lot say to start with that.

Also I do not have a blu-ray player.. I have a HTPC I use for thigns of that nature, I was thinking of picking up DVE HD Basics but am unsure about whether or not I can properly calibrate a TV using a computer.

Thanks guys, and sorry for my ignorance, while I consider myself a very tech savvy guy.. and well not to sound like an arrogant ass I am, when it comes to HDTV's it just seems so crazy.
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