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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to the forums as I was told this community can be extremely helpful with technical issues.  With that said, any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated.


Last night I turned on my Vizio M501d-A2R to be greeted with a firmware update.  The update stated to fix issues concerning the vizio remote.  I started the update and was prompted to hold the green and record button on the remote for five seconds.  After doing so, the button lights on the remote would then blink every few seconds, but was not responding to the tv.  After about ten minutes of the remote not responding I popped the batteries out of the remote and put them back in.  The green light on the back of the remote would light up for a second, but then the remote would not work at all.  I unplugged the tv for a few moments and plugged it in.  I then noticed that the sound and remote were both not working.  I am hoping that a factory reset will fix any of these problems, but am requesting more insight/solution(s) to this issue.  Any assistance will be appreciated.

Thank You.
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