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At the beginning of December I purchased a Vizio M601d-A3R and didn't experience any audio problems during that time. Two weeks ago I returned that because my wife said the screen was too small and picked up a M701d-A3R. I used the same audio settings on both sets. I never saw this issue in the M601d.



Before testing and alterations, the audio was set to use Bitstream for digital audio out and sends the audio to the external Sony receiver via a Digital Optical cable. The receiver autodecodes the signal. It is an older receiver without HDMI input/output. The tv speakers are off. CEC is disabled. The Vizio firmware is


The Issue:


Last night I was watching OTA TV and flipping channels. I put the Olympics on and I was not getting any good audio from the announcers. I was getting the background fan sounds and such clear, but the announcers were extremely low and distorted. At first I thought it was a problem with the broadcast for when they went to commercial the audio was just fine. I flipped to a few other channels and didn't notice the issue. I chalked it up to NBC and watched something else.


I turned on the TV this morning and found the problem on other channels but not the local NBC channel. Then I figured out that it was all the channels that were broadcasting sound in surround sound (5.1) that were giving me the issue. I played with some audio settings and when I changed to PCM digital out the sound went to stereo and sounded right. Changed it back to the Bitstream setting I had been using and the problem reappeared. I unplugged the TV for a couple minutes, plugged it back in, and the problem went away.


Tonight we were watching a DVD movie utilizing a PS3 via HDMI. The audio was coming over via 5.1 surround sound and was fine until about an hour and a half into the movie. Then the audio started fading into what was occurring last night. Some sounds were fine but the main speech was low and distorted. I again switched from bitstream to PCM out. I lost surround sound but the stereo audio was fine. I stopped the movie and unplugged/plugged in the TV and the sound has been fine since.


My questions:


1. Is there a known resolution to this issue that my google-fu is failing to find?

2. I've read some posts in my searches that implies there is a 1.09.xx firmware being pushed out by Vizio. Is there a way to request the upgrade?

3. This is my first Vizio product. From the experience of others, is it best to contact their support via phone or email if it comes to that?


Thanks for any insight that you all might provide for me. Let me know if I've left out a detail that you need clarified.
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