Looking for a new 4K display and soundbar? Vizio is celebrating March Madness with a sale on many of its TVs and home theater displays, as well as a 36" 5.1 SmartCast soundbar system.

If you are searching for a new TV or home theater display, whether it be for watching college hoops or streaming the latest movies and TV shows, it's always a good idea to take advantage of a good sale, like this March Madness promotion. Here' you'll find attractive deals on a variety of screen sizes.

I have intentionally left out any TVs and displays that don't at the minimum deliver 4K resolution. In this list you'll find sale prices on the Ultra HD entries in the D-series of 4K TVs, plus the HDR-capable 4K models found in the E-series and the higher-performance M-series that feature Vizio's XLED and XLED Pro technologies.

Here are the deals along with links, just in case you decide one of these offers is indeed a "slam dunk" for you.


SmartCast 36" 5.1 soundbar system with wireless sub SB3651-E6: $219.99 "Vizio soundbars deliver an elevated entertainment experience. Premium audio, sleek design and unmatched value amp up your content without the compromise." - Vizio.com

SmartCast Ultra HD HDR 4K XLED Plus UHD Displays

"The all-new 2017 Vizio SmartCast M-Series display is powered by XLED Plus, the next level of picture performance technology. Breathtaking images, access to unlimited content and Chromecast built-in immerse you in a world of endless entertainment." - Vizio.com

M-Series 75”-class M75-E1: $1799.99

M-Series 70”-class M70-E3: $1399.99

M-Series 65”-class M65-E0: $999.99

M-Series 55”-class M55-E0: $649.99

M-Series 50”-class M50-E1: $549.99

SmartCast Ultra HD HDR 4K XLED Displays

"The Vizio SmartCast E-Series home theater display delivers all your favorite entertainment in a whole new way. With exceptional picture quality, bold design and an intuitive viewing experience, it’s a smarter way to connect with the content you love." - Vizio.com

E-Series 80”-class E80-E3: $2599.99

E-Series 75”-class E75-E3: $1399.99

E-Series 70”-class E70-E3: $1099.99

E-Series 65”-class E65-E1: $699.99

E-Series 55”-class E55-E2: $449.99

SmartCast Ultra HD 4K TVs

"The D-Series Smart TV delivers more savings and more entertainment. Enjoy high-quality picture, simple interaction and enhanced performance." - Vizio.com

D-Series 65”-class D65-E0: $799.99

D-Series 55”-class D55-E0: $499.99

D-Series 50”-class D50-E1: $449.99