While it's certainly no secret that Vizio's 2016 soundbars feature SmartCast, today is the day the company officially announced immediate availability and pricing for it lineup of nine different models.
The 2016 soundbars range from a $180 38" 3.0 system to a 45" 5.1 "slim" soundbar system that all feature Google Cast. This feature gives users the ability to stream millions of songs using a SmartCast soundbar and Vizio's SmartCast app (that also serves as a remote for the latest Vizio TVs).Because it works with Wi-Fi, SmartCast allows users to control supported devices from anywhere in a house or apartment with a mobile device running Vizio's dedicated app. The system even allows for multi-room streaming if you own multiple compatible soundbars and/or speakers.

Vizio’s audio products also come with a standard push-button remote featuring an LCD display, in case users don't want to whip out the phone or tablet just to raise or lower the volume.

Matt McRae, the Chief Technology Officer at Vizio said "The new Vizio SmartCast soundbar lineup was designed not only to accompany big screens to create an immersive home theater experience, but also serve as a great home audio source."

Vizio’s flagship is the SmartCast 45” 5.1 Slim Sound Bar System. It sports custom drivers, a center channel, and a low-profile design. I measures a mere 2-inches high and 2-inches deep and can achieve 104 dB of output and dig down to 30 Hz (according to its specs).

Because Google Cast streams directly to supported devices you can use your mobile device without risking interrupting the stream. The new products also offer Bluetooth compatibility.

Vizio's 2016 SmartCast soundbars are available to to order effective immediately. Here is pricing info:

SmartCast 38" 3.0 soundbar (SB3830-D0) - $180

SmartCast 38" 2.1 soundbar system (SB3821-D6) - $220

SmartCast 38" 3.1 soundbar system (SB3831-D0) - $270

SmartCast 38" 5.1 soundbar system (SB3851-D0) - $300

SmartCast 40" 3.1 slim soundbar system (SB4031-D5) - $380

SmartCast 40" 5.1 slim soundbar system (SB4051-D5) - $430

SmartCast 45" 3.1 soundbar system (SB4531-D5) - $450

SmartCast 44" 5.1 soundbar system (SB4451-C0) - $500

SmartCast 45" 5.1 slim soundbar system (SB4551-D5) - $500