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for those who have or been thinking of getting one but have read HDGuru's misleading article a while back about Vizio's warranty's and their out of warranty policy's and not being able to get parts and what ever other non sense he wrote

I got off the phone with Vizio and all set's 32 inches and up are in home serviced. Under 40inches by Repair Solutions over 42inches ITI. And these are the companies you would also use for Out of Warranty as well.

Also if the TV needs to be sent back to Vizio for repair the DO pay for the shipping back/return on 32 inches and up.

Obviously out of Warranty you would have to flip the bill, but that is SOP with all brands.

Also for his leading you to believe that parts are hard to come for Vizio well I found this.

It's amazing what some people will post on a blog without research or udpdates but just leave's out without any correction.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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