One of the more interesting effects of Vizio's wholesale adoption of SmartCast as the foundation for delivering content to its TVs is that firmware updates are universal, as opposed to model-specific. This latest update, which is memorably named v2.2.7.4, brings significant improvements to all Vizio M-series and P-series SmartCast displays.

The highlight of the update is Vizo's promise of "big improvements on HDR10 picture quality." The company says this includes improved brightness as well as fixes for problems involving incorrect content metadata. The key here is that your Ultra HD Blu-ray discs should look better than ever.

Other fixes include the elimination of a "green tint" issue on PlayStation 4s using the Deep Color setting, an issue pairing with the iPhone 7, and occasional stuttering or frame drops with some cable channels.

An issue with the Sharpness setting reverting to its default was eliminated, and improvements were made to Clean Action scanning when playing 60Hz content. Also, the 40IRE adjustment was fixed for Calibrated Dark.

Additionally, the firmware update addresses a problem involving dropped audio when using ARC with some receivers. Also included are improvements in waking up the display when casting content, easier pairing when first setting up TV, a fix for a freezing problem with the Hulu app, and what Vizio describes as "General stability and PQ improvements across the system."

If you're patient, you can wait for the update to automatically install. If you're looking to get the update immediately, head on over to Vizio's support site where you can download it now and proceed using a thumb drive.