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Vizio s5451-c2 54" soundbar 5.1 surround system

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I just ordered mine this morning to pair with the M801, Amazon said it should ship March 7-March 21......


Anybody else ordering or plan on ordering?


I will post pics when i get it on the wall.....
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I'm debating on holding out for it or just get the 42" now. Is the 54" $499?
Yes $499, it will for sure come down, but I just don't want to wait any longer than I already have....

My prediction is May, at the earliest, and July at the latest. Someone mentioned recently hearing from Vizio that it is not imminent, whatever that means.
I just got the 42 inch version. I guess I'm keeping this for a few months at least

I was hoping on returning it and exchanging it for this one.
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When I called Vizio three weeks ago the rep said late March.

Yeah, so I received an update from Amazon this morning (expected) that it is unclear when this will ship as they don't have them yet. I figured as I ordered February 10, and was supposed to ship between the 7th and 21st, and had no updates until today. Hoping it's soon, pretty sure this will make for quite the experience paired with my M801...
Even more frustrating given that a 54 inch 5.1 Vizio was first mentioned at CED 2013.

Maybe the name should be Fuzzio.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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