The convergence of home entertainment and home automation continues unabated. Today, Vizio announced that its SmartCast devices have gained hands-free control through Google Home , the voice activated speaker powered by Google Assistant. Now, simply saying "OK Google" opens up a world of entertainment for owners of Vizio Smartcast displays, soundbars, and speakers.

This integration as possible because Smartcast devices have Chromecast capability built in. As a consequence, users can use voice commands to control functions such as volume adjustment, playback, track skipping, and more. For example, if you activate the "Quick Start Power Mode" function on a Vizio display, and then ask to watch a movie or TV show, the system will be able to power up and get the content up on screen automatically.

"Controlling Vizio SmartCast devices from Google Home is a significant milestone for consumers and their ability to manage their entertainment experience," said Matt McRae, chief technology officer, Vizio. "Using a simple voice command to stream a movie from Netflix to a Vizio display or stream music from Spotify to a group of Vizio speakers is an eye-opening experience and shows off the power of SmartCast."

This latest move shows Vizio will continue pushing boundaries when it comes to what constitutes a TV. From being the first TV maker to completely eliminate 3D from its lineup, to being the first to market with Dolby Vision, to the elimination of the TV tuner and traditional remote in favor of Smartcast and now the addition of Google Home control, Vizio is undeniably an innovator as well as a disruptive force in the industry that shows no signs of slowing down.