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My Vizio SV421XVT doesn't have video but DOES have sound. Also, the Vizio logo does go from standby to on but again, there is absolutely no video.

I'm fairly good with DIY so I'd like to fix this myself and save some money.

I've already taken the back cover off and checked the capacitors which all seem to be okay (visually). I've read others checking and replacing/bypassing fuses but I'm not very sure where they all are or even how to replace these tiny fuses.

So here's what happens:

When I push the power button on the side panel, I hear the click like it is turning on and a small blue LED lights up on the (I believe it is) T-Con board but then dims out within 5 seconds. The Vizio logo also remains lit when there is an input selected with active video/audio but if no inputs are in then it returns back to standby color. I can switch between inputs with the remote to select HDMI or whatever and sound does play.

I see the 3 different boards -- power supply, main connection board, and the T-Con -- But are there others? And could they be the cause of this?

Any help would be great and the pictures attached should show a little of what I'm working with. Thanks in advance, everyone!

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