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Here's a hypothetical question for the folks here...

I'm looking to buy a new flat panel LCD and a pre/pro to upgrade my home theater. I've been looking hard at the Vizio VF-550XVT, as it would be hard to justify the cost of a Sony 52XBR9 display (and the Sony's smaller!). Several of the reviews I've read state that the Vizio lacks two sets of adjustment controls that would allow it to be properly ISF calibrated. SInce I wanted calibration that put me off.

Then I read about the Onkyo PR-SC886 (Integra DHC 9.9). It sppears that a display connected to the unit can be ISF calibrated by using the unit as the controller. This got me thinking...could the Onkyo be used to circumvent the shortcomings of the Vizio? Would the Onkyo's video processor's abilities be superior to the internal processing of the Vizio? How would be Vizio be set up (or which features turned off) to allow the Onkyo to be it's 'brain?'

Yes, I know I could just buy the Sony for the money involved, but this way I'd have a bigger screen AND a pre/pro for just a little more money up-front.
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