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I had opened a discussion about some Vizio models I was looking at in another thread, but I lucked out on one I was really looking at. But now I've found a deal on a Toshiba 47ZV650U and was wondering which would be better. I know the Toshiba is 240Hz, which is something I was looking at, but it's also about $200-$250 more than the Vizio VL470M. I heard good things about the Vizio, but wasn't sure about the Toshiba. I did see that the Toshiba had Divx, which is something I thought Vizio was lacking (though the multimedia USB port was something that attracted me to the Vizio). But the Toshiba doesn't have PiP (which I'm not sure I really need as I've never had it before, but was a nice feature I could see myself using). But what about the quality? Would it be worth the extra for the Toshiba or is the Vizio good enough for the price ($850 at Sams)? I know there's debate on the 240Hz vs. 120Hz. I was looking at getting a 240Hz Vizio, but since Sams sold out of the 42" I was looking at and the price went up, I was looking at the 47" LED that I saw marked 1148 (whether or not it was an open item or mispriced from last week's sale is the question...either way it wasn't marked that way, today). I was getting that it was worth the extra $300 for the 472 Vizio, but now it's gone. The only reason I was willing to spend the extra was the LED and the 240Hz (though if it wasn't for the LED, I probably would have just settled on the 120Hz VL model).

Sorry for all the explanation. Anyone have any ideas which to get?

Edit: I see that I can find the Toshiba even cheaper online, so maybe the Best Buy open box price isn't such a great deal. But it's still at my $1000 price range (which makes it even better). It makes the difference in price even smaller. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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