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I went to Costco and picked up my first LCD TV and it looks great to me so far. I guess it's no Samsung but for $999 it seems great.

I'm using this with a PC (vista ultimate 64) and I have a few niggles that are really annoying. First, if I shut the TV off for awhile, when I turn it on again it drops down to 800x600. I'm not sure if it's just when the computer goes into sleep but this is sooo frickin annoying. Why does this happen when it doesn't happen with my Dell LCD monitor? The only difference is that this is using HDMI while the Dell used an HDMI to DVI converter but that shouldn't mean anything (mobo is Asus p5e-vm hdmi btw). Is there a way to get it to stick to 1080p?

I don't expect any solution to the following bothers but I'll throw them out there anyway. When there's no source the blinding blue screen is ridiculous! What engineer had that idea. Also, there should be an auto sleep if no source is detected for awhile. Like if I leave the TV on and my comp goes to sleep the TV should also go to sleep like a normal monitor.

So, I've got 90 days with Costco to decide if I'm willing to put up with this or try something else. Do other TV's have these issues? I'd love to get one of the Samsung's but the one I was looking at was around $1500 (A650?) and that would be a PS3 right there so I have a hard time justifying it.

Finally, I'll be getting a PS3 soon so that will be streaming content over from the Vista box. I'll still hook my macbook up now and then and use it as a monitor but will the PS3 fix my issues?
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